Hello! Nice to have you here!
In this brief portfolio, you'll be able to see some of my work. Right now, I'm working for Webcore Games, a company focused on games for advertising. Before, I worked for Ubisoft São Paulo, as User Interface Designer and 2d Technical Artist for videogames. Feel free to contact me , and I hope you enjoy the visit.

Gamefutebol 2014

interface design, art direction

In this project, I was responsible design screen flow, information architecture, ingame huds and define the art direction. To watch the oficial trailer, click here.

Mapcore logotype

logotype design; typography

Mapcore is a fresh and active game development community, focused in game art, level design and environment art. This new logotype was a pet project that I carried on for few months. The community itself collaborate with suggestions on the early stage and after some time and tweaks, I'm happy to make it public :)

Minihunt - iPad release

information architecture; ui visual design; backgrounds

Webcore Games developed and released the original Minihunt game in early 2010, for Android mobile phones. I was asked to update interface assets and background art for a tablet version. So I made changes at information architecture and interface rendering. As part of new art direction, I made a set of 20 in game backgrounds divided into 4 "worlds" or themes. Besides, the use of these new backgrounds is a way to communicate progression to player.
Original characters and cutscenes were kept from 2010 version. This tablet version of Minihunt is yet to be released.

Michael Jackson the Experience

information architecture; flow; signs and feedbacks

Developed and published by Ubisoft for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, this project was an opportunity to the team to work with a well-known brand. Michael Jackson's fan base is wide, so the interface should be clear and accessible even to who never played music games on handhelds consoles. I was in charge of designing user interface, with other artists to develop an art direction for interface. Besides I worked with game design team to find graphic solutions for signs and feedbacks in game.

Treasure Hunt - Submarino Viagens

interface; art direction

"Caça ao Tesouro" or Treasure Hunt, design for Submarino Viagens. I was responsible for art direction, interface design, Background and UI animation and visual identity. Characters and backgrounds were designed and illustrated by my friend Elisa Kwon.

Friend Fighter

interface; logotype design;

Friend Fighter is a strategy game developed by the independent game studio, Sulistas. It is focused on avatar fighting. You can create your fighter and customize it using items and differente strategies. Each time you play, you can improve your strategy to overcome stronger opponents and compete on a global ladder.
Friend Fighter was developed to be a launch title with Nokia N8 system in Brazil and other emerging markets. The game should be extremely lightweight, capable of being downloaded over 3g network. So I kept the interface as optimized as possible. I was in charge of User Interface, gameflow, logotype design.

Chako - XNA Game

illustration; art direction; lettering

Chako is my graduation project. I desiged an series of plush dolls then take pictures and animated them by computer. The playable part of project is a XNA side-scroll demo, using the dolls as characters, in a world made of fabric.
Since this is an indie project, the team was very small, I created all the artwork and the proto game design and two programmers coded the engine on XNA, using Farseer 2d physics framework.

Kizan - illustration on Atari 2600 cartridge

illustration; art direction; lettering

As part of São Paulo game Jam, I was invited to make an fictional Atari 2600 cartridge label. Kizan was supposed to be a sort of puzzle action-ish game, from 80's. An fun part of this job dig the 80's aestethics; the graphic solutions that were used on boxes and labels, able to light up player's imagination. At this jam's ending, mine and other labels were printed out for an exhibition.

Imagine Detective for Nintendo DS

illustration; art direction; lettering

Imagine Detective was the first game made by Ubisoft São Paulo studio. In this project, I was in charge of User Interface Design - wireframe, developing an UI art direction and finally asset implementation. I worked very close to game design team on game flow, gameplay interface and navigation interface.

Samsung Galaxy SII Slot Racing

interface; art direction

A slot racing game, created as part of release marketing strategy for Samsung Galaxy SII. The game runs on a seamless track, across twelve 40-inch displays. Each player controls one slot car, using the Samsung Galaxy SII as touch-screen controller. Designed to be played by up to four players, the game was avaliable for one month, inside one crowded shopping mall in São Paulo. In this project, I was responsible for User Interface design; gameflow - with a dedicated game designer; texturing and general art direction.

Bari-Bari Typeface

type design

Bari-bari was a typeface created for an upcoming iPhone game. It would be used in User interface and as part of brand, but it became a personal pet project. Later on development, I designed katakana and hiragana characters, so the typeface could be use to write in major latin languages and japanese.

Synapse - 3rd Place in Microsoft's Imagine Cup

motion design, animation, screenplay, filming

This short film was made for 2nd round of Microsoft Imagine Cup. The theme was “Imagine a world where technology enables a better education for all”. With this video, my team to the world wide final in South Korea. Then we competed in 36 hours long round, when all the six finalists teams made a brand new short film, to compute into the final score. We won the 3rd place worldwide.


logotype development

Here's a collection of logotypes I designed. There are personal brands, other were commissioned jobs.


Well, thanks for your visit, and fell free to contact me, via LinkedIn or send me an mail on arthur.padua[at]gmail[dot]com. If you want to see my resumé, click here to download it.